Posted by : Francisco Munoz Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Why do you love the beach?"

I often get this kind of question from my friends and it's funny how I was asking myself the very same question yesterday. So I tried my best to sort of decipher my love for the beach, never thought how it'll turn out. So I found myself getting giddy in front of my computer thinking that "yay! I have something to write about" lol the kid in me laughed.

Contrary to what other people think most of my beach getaway are unplanned, meaning I don't just book a flight 'coz there's a seat sale. In fact last year I booked 2 flights wherein the flight schedules were within the next 24 hrs. crazy huh?.

I love the beach because...

I tried Stand Up Paddling last time in Boracay

... there's this "I'm not here forever, I need to make the most out of this trip" thinking that will give you a certain high whenever you got to do something new during your vacation. May it be a water sport or even as simple as sleeping on the shore during noontime. An experience that you can take with you and relive once you're back on your daily routine.

Last October, went old school as I slept under a coconut tree channeling "Juan Tamad"

... you can do whatever you want or do nothing at all, of course since you're on a vacation you don't have the need to follow a certain schedule. You have the freedom to make use of your time. :)

with Vietnamese friends I met last year they thought I was Vietnamese because I was wearing my "Same Same" shirt

... you get a chance to meet new friends, people you don't usually meet at work. People with similar agenda as yours... to relax lol I've tried travelling alone many times and it seems like people are much friendlier when you're alone. And for a timid guy like me I become more approachable whenever I'm on a trip lol

Who won't stop and watch a sunset as beautiful as this?

... breathtaking sceneries... it's always refreshing to watch a dramatic sunset by the shore. I mean it gives you that certain calmness that you won't get on a city sunset. I think that what makes it more special is that everyone on the beach just like you takes time to stop and watch the sunset, while when you're in the city no one gives sh*t about it.

Zuzuni's Chocolate Sin is a must try in Boracay

... good food!!! hell yeah! when you're on the beach foodtripin is a must. Not only because of the seafood but for the island's specialty as well. Most beaches have loads of restaurants strategically located at the shore. Nothing beats eating by the beach, not even dressing up to have a dinner on a fancy restaurant. Here you can have a sumptuous meal without the need of your suit & tie plus you'll have an ass kicking view of the beach. :)

surfing @ Baler

... sound of the waves... not everyone appreciates it... actually not everyone goes to the beach to catch the wave... I love the waves simply because I enjoy surfing... not that I'm good at it but it's fun... I have 2 favorite moments when surfing... one is when you're waiting for a good wave, 'coz it makes you forget everything as you are focused on reading the waves. The other one is a given it's whenever I catch a good wave. :)

with Kath &Jozanne
... and of course spending time with friends. It's always fun to spend some beach time with your friends as you spend most of your time with them on a corporate/city setting. Going to the beach actually puts friendship on another level (at least for me) since you get a chance to  be with them with nothing but having fun on your mind. :)
I still have a lot to say but I'm afraid that one day is enough to talk about my love for the beach...
well for sure I'll have more post regarding my beach adventures in the future so until then ;)

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